“What do you see?” the doctor asks, but it is difficult to explain.

“Colors!” I cry. But I can not tell him which colors they are.

“Don’t worry”, he says. “In time your vision should clear and you’ll be able to differentiate objects.”

My eyes fill with tears for the beauty all around. I have no worry, no fear. This rainbow of colors is more than I have ever seen. What the doctors have accomplished is truly a miracle.

“David?” It is my mother’s voice. A blur of movement as she leans in to comfort me.

She is colored beautiful.


This is my submission for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge, week of 09-08-2015. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 100-175 words with which we build our stories with.  My story is exactly 100 words. Everyone is invited to participate in this challenge. For more information click here.

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25 thoughts on “Colors

  1. This is excellent! The last line makes your heart melt. Beautiful story Emilio! Do you need help linking this to InLinkz? Let me know. Thank you for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge. BTW, do you need instructions on how to link your story to InLinkz?

      • That’s always the problem, isn’t it? Time permitting. I have the same problem and feel badly whenever I can not comment or read due to time.

      • Same here. I find myself that I need to read all the people, but just can´t. So since the blog seemed to have taken off with quite a lot of people, which is quite surprising for me to tell you the truth, I feel I need to reciprocate since the people I follow I truly like how and what they write. Yet again, the day has 24 hours and I can´t sit in front of this old crusty computer the whole day, or I could and then end up broke.

      • There are the usual suspects that I know by name which would be around 40. Then the rest sometimes I forget the pen names or blog names or mix them up, so I just browse through my inbox and pretty much hit most of them do a quick
        read in some cases and in others a more in depth and try to do mix it up every two days or so, if one day I know I´ve really read this person and not the other one I´ll read the other one. At least I try, as of right now I´ve spend about 2 hours reading blogs. And the good thing is that I´m not bored!

      • I usually will comment on whoever has commented on mine, first. Then whoever has liked. I’m never really bored but I’m such a lousy typist that sometimes I just get tired.

    • Well, that is my feeling, too. But also, what would you see? How would you relate to colors when you don’t know which colors are what? Just so many questions. Thank you.

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